Pusun PT-Mini Pickleball Machine

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Product Features
Tossing, fixed-point shots, high lobs, speed adjustment, frequency adjustment.

Product Highlights

  1. Lightweight and convenient.
  2. Dedicated app for controlling toss speed and frequency.
  3. Safe ball speed, suitable for indoor use, ideal for schools with limited space resources.
  4. Can hold up to 30 tennis balls at once.
  5. Built-in high-performance battery for 8-12 hours of continuous use.
  6. Equipped with a dedicated teaching system with grouping functionality, allowing for setting the practice quantity for each student and easy rotation, making it ideal for teaching.

Product Name: Tennis Ball  Machine 
Model No.: PT-MINI
Material: ABS and metals
Color: Black
Ball capacity: 30+PCS
Power adapter: 110V/220V
Product power: 35W
Full battery life: 8-12 hours
Battery type: Built-in lithium battery
Battery capacity: DC14.8V/4AH
Serve frequency: 1.8--8s/Ball (depend on setting on APP)
Speed range: 5-20km/h
Maximum serving distance: 6.5M
Elevation angle control: 5-75 degrees
Product size: 29.5*29.5*46.2cm
Net weight: 6.5KG
Gross Weight: 7.8KG
Carton size: 34*34*39cm