Babolat Jet Tere All Court Mens Tennis Shoes (Blue/Fluo)

$125.00 SGD $135.00

The concept of the Babolat Jet has always been simple: Create the lightest shoes on the market while maintaining the support the most aggressive movers demand. The previous generation had two iterations, the high-end performance Jet Mach II, and the lighter and more minimal Jet Mach I. This Jet Tere comes in as a replacement for the Jet Mach I. One significant difference with the Jet Tere is the redesigned upper, which our playtesters found to offer some of the best ventilation to date. Although our testers loved the speed-oriented feel and ventilation, they were left wanting more support and stability, and just a bit more rigidity in the chassis. Overall, if you're a fan of ultra-lightweight shoes and are looking for unparalleled ventilation, the Babolat Jet Tere should be at the top of your list.