Prince SQ Vortex Pro 650 Squash Racquet

$175.00 SGD

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Those in the know of racket technology will instantly recognize the teXtreme technology for delivering control through stiffness but with the feel of a flexible racket. Now Prince has taken one step further in the comfort department. In addition to the teXreme construction, the Prince Vortex Pro squash racket has now incorporated Twaron filaments into the carbon fiber for extra vibration dampening.

This racket is good for power through an open string pattern and teXtreme technology.

Features that increase the control are stiffness and racket weight. 

In addition the racket is headlight for increased maneuverability. 

We recommend all squash rackets to be custom strung, because even the high end strings that comes in some models are not strung properly and by default they are older and overly exposed to temperature changes. For those reasons and the fact that the original string is not a premium one, we recommend new strings on this particular racket.


  • Racquet Technology: TeXtreme + Twaron
  • Head Size: 75 sq.inches
  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Balance: 330 mm
  • String Pattern: 16 x 17