Prokennex Power Pro 704 Badminton Racket

$90.00 SGD

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POWER PRO 704 uses Titanium Aerodynamic Restitution technology, the racket has an "extremely beautiful" design with white as the main color to look extremely attractive. The racquet is painted with 2 prominent colors: White - Red and White - Black.

The racket uses white as the main tone, elegantly mixed with black with moderate harmony, looks extremely harmonious and beautiful. In particular, the arrow-shaped details, combined with strong sharp corners dotted with gold color help the product stand out more. In particular, the Pro Kennex Power 704 racquet is even more luxurious and sophisticated when it is designed with a super durable matte paint.

The Pro Kennex 704 weighs in at just 81-85 grams for the 4U1 series and 86-90 for the 3U1 series, with a slim and mid-flex body that's very versatile in fast-ball handling situations.

The product belongs to the cheapest price of Pro Kennex. However, it still carries in itself the super material Titanium with the most advanced and outstanding technologies.

For those new to the game, the Pro Kennex Power 704 badminton racket is considered one of the worthwhile options. In particular, for students, students or those who have a passion for badminton but conditions do not allow to buy several million racquets, they can search for this super product.

Power Pro 704 racquet is quite balanced (balance 285+-5), so the ability to hit the bridge is quite good, in return the defensive ability will be more comprehensive.

If you are just starting to play badminton or have played badminton at an intermediate level - this will be a great experience for you.