Prokennex Power Pro 709 Badminton Racket

$90.00 SGD

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The ProKennex Power Pro 709 badminton racket is a comprehensive (balanced) line of badminton racquets. This racquet series is loved by many players.

The shaft is slightly between flexible and medium hard, which is very suitable for Vietnamese players. Combining Carbon and Titanium, the  ProKennex  Power Pro badminton racket helps players hit the shuttlecock more effectively.

There are few cheap racquets that are as popular on the market as this racquet. The racket fits comfortably in the hand, creating a solid feeling. When hitting the shuttlecock, the force is very good.

If you are an intermediate level player and like a comprehensive defensive play then this is definitely a great racquet for you. The Power Pro 709 is a high-quality low-cost racket.

This is an affordable racket with excellent quality. Warranty 6 months 1 to 1 exchange if manufacturer's fault. Genuine ProKennex Power Pro 709 badminton racket fully guaranteed.

ProKennex Vietnam is the exclusive distributor of genuine ProKennex products in Vietnam. All products are imported directly from ProKennex International. ProKennex distribution system is available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Coming to ProKennex Vietnam, you will be assured of the quality of our products and service.


Material, substance Carbon HM
Longs 673mm
Weight 4U1/2 (81-85gr)
Balance Level 285+-3mm (balanced)
Strength 22 – 28 lbs (up to 12 kg)
Racket Frame Titanium Aerodynamic Restitution
Racket Body Flexible
Color White – Neon Blue / Black – Pearl Blue
Racquet Style Balance
Technology Isodynamic