Yonex Ezone 100 2017 Lime Green (300grams) Tennis Racket

$200.00 SGD $240.00

The EZONE 100 is built for intermediate and advanced players who want a maneuverable player's racquet with easy targeting. Like its predecessor (the DR version), this racquet's controllable power provides a recipe for aggressive and confident ball striking. According to Yonex, this model features an expanded sweetspot thanks to an updated Isometric head shape. Yonex has also retooled the grommet system with its Micro Offset Layout technology, which enables the strings to soak up greater vibration at impact (think more comfort). Additional updates include the use of a hyper modulus graphite (Hyper-MG) in the upper hoop and shaft. The upshot, according to Yonex, is less frame bending at impact, resulting in greater energy transfer to the ball. According to our playtesters, this racquet feels firmer and crisper than the previous generation, especially on balls contacted in the upper hoop. From the baseline, the EZONE 100 is more powerful than the EZONE 98. Spin comes easy, and there's enough heft for driving the ball effectively through the court. At net the EZONE 100 moves fast and delivers enough pop for finishing points with authority. Aggressive servers should love the combination of speed, spin and power. Ultimately, with some impressive updates to the construction and grommet system, Yonex has added an impressive chapter to the EZONE 100. This is a must demo for those who want a lively and spin-friendly player's racquet.