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Tennis Racket Restringing

Racket String Solutions is a subsidiary of SportsShop SG. We initiated this separate racket re-stringing solution due to the lack of pick-up drop of stringing solution in Singapore. A bunch of tennis coaches and stringers initiated this project. So they can recommend the best suitable string and tension for your game. Our main focus is to provide value-added services to all our customers.

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How often should you restring your tennis racket?
July 03, 2021

How often should you restring your tennis racket?

If you decide to take up tennis as a sport, it’s helpful to be aware that regularly restringing your racket is a normal part of maintenance. Ultimately restringing boils down to personal preference and how the individual player feels about a racket's performance. Many players love to play with a freshly strung racket; others enjoy them more after a break-in period, and some even like strings when they are completely dead.

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