AirFIT Medi Oxygen Kinesiology Performance Tape (Black)

$22.90 SGD

AirFit's Oxygen Kinesio Tape is designed to increase cellular oxygen in your body. This helps reduce muscle fatique, swelling, pain to optimize your performance and lifestyle. Our Oxygen Kinesio Tape lightly uplifts the skin layer to increase circulation of lymphatic channels thereby increasing circulation. This uplift causes pain inducing toxins to dissipate faster. Oxygen rich blood enters the area at a faster rate which assists recovery and fights infection. When applied over joints, it facilitates muscle contractions and assist in join motion, in addition to providing increased joint stability without limiting motion. The tape also serves as a conscious reminder, preventing inadvertent or excessive use of the injured joint or muscles.

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Decreases pain
  • Provides joint stability
  • Assists muscle during joint motion
  • Provides a conscious reminder that you have an injury and to not use the injured part of your body.


OXYGEN tape lifts the skin, creating a space between skin & tissues, increasing circulation of blood and fluids. This also reduces swelling & takes pressure off nerve pain receptors.