Babolat Boost Wimbledon Tennis Racket (Strung)

$159.00 SGD

Whether you’re a beginner, picking up tennis again or looking for an effective frame that’s easy to play with, the Boost is made for you!

With a design inspired by the legendary British Grand Slam, the BABOLAT WIMBLEDON BOOST TENNIS RACKET will enable you to hit smashes, drop shots and aces with pure elegance.


It would be a shame to give up tennis because you don’t have Rafa’s arm! What you need is a racquet that’s easy to grip and will help you produce more power to boost your game. The Boost Drive racquet is specially designed with that in mind. A carbon fibre racquet that gives the extra power you need.


Heavy wooden racquets belong to the last century. Welcome to 2020! The Boost Drive racquet proudly represents the new generation, with an entirely graphite composition. This technology is used for the best tennis racquets and is very light, without compromising on robustness or life cycle.


Have you picked up tennis (again) because of an incredible one-handed backhand shot you saw on TV? Even if we can't promise that, we guarantee that this racquet is extremely manoeuvrable. It was designed to be light as well as balanced to avoid tiring your arm over time and to boost your chances of winning.


Head Size: 680 cm²

Length: 685 mm

Weight (unstrung): 260 g +/- 7g

Balance (unstrung): 345 mm +/- 7mm

Stringing Pattern: 16/19

Stiffness (RA): 70 +/- 3

Section: 23-26-23

Composition: Graphite

Tension Recommended: 23-25 Kg

Comes strung with a full Cover.