Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 1.30mm (+$75.00)

$75.00 SGD

You want the best? Babolat Touch VS natural gut tennis string offers the best comfort, power, and feel of any string, while holding tension and being easy on your arm. With more than 100 grand slam victories, you’ll fall in love with the playability of Touch VS as you experience what makes Touch VS natural gut the reference for all tennis strings. Made in France.

Your strings are the engine of your racquet. Half of your racquet’s performance comes from your strings. Which means choosing the right string is important. We invented tennis string in 1875. And we’ve been innovating ever since, so you can play your best and enjoy the game more than ever.



Collagen from natural fibers makes the TOUCH VS is our more elastic string, increasing the contact time with the ball for an unrivaled feel.


The TOUCH VS elasticity provides an amazing power to help playing deep balls


The TOUCH VS characteristics makes it our best string to hold tension over time. Widely used on tour for this reason, even mixed with another string.


String Type: Natural gut

Sport: Tennis

Length: 6 m / 20 ft

Composition: Gut

Made In France


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