Niupipo USAPA Approved Indoor Pickleballs (6 Balls Pack)

$26.00 SGD $32.40

Seamless Technology

Niupipo outdoor pickleball balls have an exceptional seam welding technology to create a one-piece pickleball with a smooth and durable surface, providing balls with higher strength and more hardness, and better performance than most similar balls. Enjoy and concentrate during your game, the balls will not suffer any mishaps thanks to the high technology that they were made.

Consistent Bounce and True Flight
The softest poly plastic Niupipo pickleball balls ensure maximum bounce and provide the desired pop experience. Perfectly aligned holes combined with high-quality plastic deliver excellent aerodynamic performance for a precise flight path, giving Niupipo pickleball balls a true, straight, fast flight with excellent wind resistance and weather conditions.

Durable Construction
Niupipo pickleball balls are made from strong and durable plastic material to offer durability and resist splitting. They are long-lasting and windproof. No matter how many times you hit the Niupipo pickleball balls, thanks to its resistance, it does not suffer any deformation.


Niupipo pickleball balls are the official pickleball of USA Pickleball and the US Open Pickleball Championships.

These pickleball balls are designed to provide balanced speed control, superior flight, extreme durability, and consistent rebound, which gives Niupipo pickleball balls a true, straight, and fast flight with excellent resistance to wind and weather conditions.


Material: Plastic
Color: Orange


Why choose Niupipo?
The Niupipo pickleball paddle has been chosen by hundreds of players worldwide. Our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques are the most advanced in the pickleball equipment market. All our products have passed the USAPA. Niupipo is one of the most popular pickleball paddle manufacturers in the market for over two decades.