ProKennex Kinetic Extreme Pro (Red/Black) (Unstrung)

$168.00 SGD

Kinetic Extreme Pro is the ideal racquet for players with an aggressive and attacking style, thanks to its extremely rigid octagonal shape.

This racket comes powered with ProKennex's famous Kinetic Technology that provides improves shock reduction, increased accuracy, better torsional stability, and more energy return on power.

The racket's graphite shaft is compressed under extreme high pressure (Hot Melt Nano Spiral Tech Carbon) to create the strongest, most flexible shaft that is perfect for players of all levels. Featuring an OCTA-dynamic shaped design, this racket cuts through the air with ease while giving a higher torque reduction.

Featuring the only autoclave process in the world that is used in racket sports technology, ProKennex's Nano Autocure Technology removes air and impurities from between the graphite layers, creating a seamless racket for strength and flexibility.

String bed: 54.7 in
Frame length: 673 mm
Frame profile: 10.15~10.95 mm
Weight: 86~89g
Balance: 295 mm
Flexibility: Regular