Dunlop Fort Elite Tennis balls (3 Cans Bundle)

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The Fort Elite tennis balls from the high-quality tennis brand, Dunlop, are gas-filled tennis balls. The gas-filled tennis balls are the most used tennis ball in competitions and tournaments. In comparison to a pressure-free tennis ball, a gas-filled ball is more comfortable for tennis. For example, a gas-filled tennis ball is very light on the racket which makes playing more comfortable. In addition, the slight drop on the racket also causes a gas-filled tennis ball to be less susceptible to injury. Fluorescent felt is used on the tennis ball so that you can see the tennis ball better compared to others. The tennis balls are delivered in a pressurized tube. This ensures that the gas-filled with the ball can not escape the tennis ball. In addition, the Fort Elite is also equipped with an HD Core technology, which also contributes to a longer life span.

  • 3 balls per can