Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Replacement Grip

$10.50 SGD $12.50

The GAMMA Hi-Tech Gel Tennis Grip features a thin layer of Zorbicon® gel within the two sides of this uber-comfortable grip. If extra-cushion isn’t enough, GAMMA Hi-Tech Gel Tennis Grip also features a highly tacky surface which increases the control and handling of your tennis racquet. The tackiness ensures your racquet remains firmly in your grasp, while the cushion gel reduces vibrations.

  • Perforated Surface: For maximum moisture absorption
  • ZORBICON® Gel Backing: Provides a super cushioned feel while reducing racquet vibrations
  • Tacky Non-Slip Surface: For a more secure grip


Grip Length: 46 inches
Thickness: 0.047 inches
Width: 1.06 inches
Surface: Tacky Perforated High Traction