Gamma Honeycomb Replacement Grip

$12.50 SGD $14.50


The GAMMA Tennis Honeycomb™ Replacement Grip is designed to enhance your connection with your racquet. Featuring a perforated high-traction surface, this grip not only wicks away moisture but also provides exceptional tackiness for a secure hold during intense play. The grip's perforations facilitate optimal airflow, ensuring your hands stay comfortable and dry. With an extra tacky and cushioned feel, this grip offers both durability and style. Choose from a variety of colors to personalize your gear, and experience a superior grip that stands up to the demands of the game.


Grip Length: 46"
Thickness: 0.043"
Width: 1.06"
Surface: Stamped Tacky High Traction
Grip Class: Tacky
Quantity: 1 per package