GripFixer Badminton - Grip Fixer Learning Aid

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The correct grip is essential. It all starts with the correct grip – it is the basis for creating the fundamentals and later to learn the more advanced techniques. But it is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to learn. GripFixer helps you learn the correct grip in a fast, fun and easy way.

GripFixer ensures the correct placement of the fingers (for both forehand and backhand grip), making sure you (as a player or coach) don’t have to worry about the grip and can focus on other things while playing or training.

Learning advantages:

– The correct grip is essential.

– Ensures the correct grip, thus avoiding learning the wrong swing-technique and generating incorrect muscle-memory (aka. bad habits), which actually inhibits your learning later on.

– Avoid spending time learning something wrong.

– Learning the correct grip is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to learn – both for the player and the coach.

– Don’t have to worry about the grip – creates a much better experience. Knowing the players’ grip is correct allows the coach to focus on other stuff to the benefit of both coaches and players. The players will receive fewer corrections and will play with the feeling of knowing their are doing it correctly.

GripFixer is:

– Designed to allow for both forehand and backhand grip at the same time, without having to stop and adjust the device manually.

– Very easy to use – it takes 10 seconds to apply, and with a smart pedagogical design.

– Designed and developed in close cooperation with experts within the sport and experts with externsive experience in product development (DTU – Danish Technical University).

– Danish Design – GripFixer is invented, developed and produced in Denmark. Therefore, you know you have a quality product in your hands.

– Highly recommended.


In general Small is for kids and a regular female hand, and Medium is sizes bigger than that. 

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