Head Coaching Pack (Coaching Starter Pack)

$194.40 SGD $198.00

The COACHING PACK gives you everything you need to help your team become the best all around players.

You need to know how to walk before you can run. And you need to know more than a simple forehand to become the best all around player. The COACHING PACK is a perfect partner to set up any exercise from tennis to fitness to coordination. The bag comes with 6 big cones, 12 poles with 8 clips, 12 court lines, 4 court edges, 6 targets, 1 small bag for transportation and 1 HEAD Coaching Poster, developed with coaches to ensure that the items in the bag are put to the best use. Go ahead and get the class started. They will thank you later.
  • 6 big cones
  • 12 poles with 8 clips
  • 12 court lines
  • 4 court edges
  • 6 targets
  • 1 small bag for transportation
  • 1 HEAD Coaching Poster