Head Extreme 120 2023 Squash Racket (Strung)

$158.00 SGD $269.00

Refreshed with a new, black and white design, the lightweight, powerful EXTREME 120 SQUASH RACQUET is perfect for an attacking, front-court club player.

With a lightweight, teardrop-shaped frame that supplies stable power, the EXTREME 120 SQUASH RACQUET is designed for the aggressive front-court club player. The 120g frame offers superior power transfer and a thin shaft, as well as Innegra™ technology, a hybrid-composite structure which is integrated into the racquet and delivers advanced shock absorption and enhanced stability. You're assured of making an impact on court with the EXTREME 120, which has a new, modern, black and white design.

• Lightweight, teardrop-shaped frame delivers stable power
• Ideal for an aggressive, front-court club player
• Innegra™ technology for advanced shock absorption and enhanced stability
• New, modern, black and white design

FRAME WEIGHT: 120 g / 4.2 oz
HEAD SIZE: 495 cm² / 77 in²
GRIP SIZE: 3 7/8
BALANCE: Head Heavy
BEAM: 19.5 - 20.5 – 21.5