Head Extreme Elite 2023 Pickleball Paddle

$109.00 SGD $119.00

The popular HEAD EXTREME ELITE PICKLEBALL PADDLE features HEAD's Diamond shape for more control and an OTC honeycomb polymer core that creates the perfect feel and sound for all levels of play. Its Composite Hitting Surface offers a smoother surface for more power, and the Ergo grip provides comfort and a better feel during play.

If you are looking for ultimate control – this paddle is for you. The Extreme Tour Lite is the lightest weight paddle of the Extreme Tour paddles with a unique Diamond Shape for maximum control on each shot. The reduced head weight allows for a faster swing speed, giving you more reaction time. It features an Optimized Tubular Construction (OTC) honeycomb polymer core and a carbon graphite hitting surface (GHS) for great feel and playability with Extreme Spin technology , and a Comfort grip for great feel, touch and ultimate dinking ability.


HEAD's Composite Hitting Surface (CHS) offers maximized power with a softer feel and more power for all levels of play. The engineered surface also creates increased comfort on impact for great playability.


Engineers have optimized the Tubular Construction (OTC) of the polypropoylene honeycomb core to create perfect playability, feel and sound suited for all levels of play.


HEAD's unique ergonomic foam handle provides added comfort and enhanced feel.

Paddle Specifications:

Material: PP + GF
Thickness: 11.0 mm / 7/16 in
Weight: 220g / 7.8 oz
Length: 408 mm / 16 in
Width: 198 mm / 7 7/8 in