Head IG Speed Jr 25 Junior Tennis Racket

$75.00 SGD $88.00

Kids can play with speed and control with the lightweight IG Speed Jr. 25 TENNIS RACQUET, which is a perfect first racquet for children aged from 8 to 10.

 Made with a lightweight graphite composite, and 25 inches long, the IG Speed Jr. 25 TENNIS RACQUET is designed for kids aged between 8 and 10 who like to play with speed and control. With its weight, excellent playability and modern design, this is an ideal first racquet that will let kids have fun on court. While the Innegra technology provides shock absorption and improves stability, the Damp Plus technology absorbs impact vibration before it can reach the handle, giving better feel.

• Speed and control for kids from 8 to 10

• Lightweight graphite composite

• Superb playability

• Innegra technology for shock absorption and stability

• Damp Plus technology for better feel

• Modern design