Head TIP Lines (Child Safe Line Marker, Reel)

$17.50 SGD $20.00

The times of crepe or even duct tape on the court are over. T.I.P. LINES is the super easy and secure tool to set up smaller courts for kids' tennis.

Once you put it on the court, it stays. But don't worry, this ain't duct tape. The T.I.P. lines are the super flexible, very secure and extremely easy way to set up a smaller court for kids' tennis on a full size court. The elastic lines and their easy method quickly create either 1 ITF's mid orange court (18m x 5,6-8,23m) or 3 ITF's small red courts (11m x 5-6m) - or whatever else you need. They are also extremely easy to remove and won't leave behind any makes on whatever surface. One more great addition to HEAD's Tennis Instruction Program (T.I.P.), a unique approach to help players learn the game, developed in cooperation with the International Tennis Federation "Tennis Play and Stay!" campaign.