Head T.I.P. Orange 3 Tennis Ball Can (3 can bundle)

$24.00 SGD

The HEAD T.I.P. ORANGE TENNIS BALLS is the perfect start to tennis for kids between 8 and 9 years old. These pressureless orange balls are suitable for juniors who are about to transition to the bigger tennis court. The Head T.I.P. Orange Tennis Ball is softer, larger, and 50% slower than the standard tennis ball, allowing for more reaction time while making hitting the ball much easier for kids. Brightly coloured with a orange and yellow two-toned felt, these head junior trainers are easier for kids to see too!

Developed with trainers and kids, the HEAD T.I.P. ORANGE tennis ball is perfect for the ITF's mid orange court (18m x 5.6-8.23m). The ball is part of HEAD's Tennis Instruction Program (T.I.P.), a unique approach to help youngsters learn the game right, developed in cooperation with the International Tennis Federations "Tennis Play and Stay!" campaign.