Head Tour XT 3 Tennis Balls (3 Cans Bundle)

$24.00 SGD $27.00

The HEAD TOUR XT, a premium tennis ball made with Impact (EN)Core technology for superior touch, control and accuracy, has a more sustainable packaging.

Make your precision game even more accurate with the premium HEAD TOUR XT Tennis Ball, which comes in new, more sustainable packaging that uses less plastic and is easier to recycle. Recommended for hot conditions, and for fast clay and hard courts, the HEAD TOUR XT was developed and rigorously tested for more than two years in the lab and on the court with professional tennis players. The result is a ball that, with its Impact (EN)Core technology, offers unique touch, easy control and enhanced accuracy, as well as extended longevity.

  • Enhanced Touch
  • Optimized Control
  • Extended Longevity
  • Recommended for hot temperatures and fast clay and hard courts.