Niupipo Portable Pickleball Net for Indoor & Outdoor

$299.00 SGD

Niupipo Portable Pickleball Net
This high-quality pickleball net is incredibly portable while offering excellent playability on the court.
  • Official Size for Tournament - The pickleball net is in line with the official pickleball guideline at 22'' wide, 36'' high on the sidelines, and 34'' tall at the center.
  • Exceptional Quality for Long-lasting Use - Niupipo pickleball nets apply powder-coated thick steels for a rust-proof frame and employ resilient Tetoron for a tear-resistant net.
  • Portable with a Carry Bag - This portable pickleball net comes with a zipped bag. All the sports net accessories can be stored in this durable carrying bag.
  • Tools-Free Assembly - You can easily snap the frame together and slide the pickleball net over the poles without an extra tool. Each part of the pickleball nets portable outdoor kit is labeled with a number, making it fast and straightforward to start your pickleball game without any struggle.
  • Play anywhere - The pickleball nets portable regulation size is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. With this portable pickleball net, you can easily and quickly turn any hard surface into a pickleball court.

Solid PE Knotless Net
The robust PE net is more durable than other materials used by other brands, allowing the pickle ball net to withstand all weather conditions.

Adjustable Velcro Strap
The pickleball nets feature an adjustable Velcro strap to achieve perfect tension for exceptional playability.

Powder-coated Poles
The powder-coated oddly offers great grip for poles of our pickleball net. And the poles have good water resistance and will not rust even after long-term outdoor use.

Stable “A” Support Structure
Constructed of interlocking steel tubes, the niupipo portable pickleball net system is not only incredibly durable but also easily assembled.

Durable & Lightweight Bag
The portable pickleball net quickly and easily breaks down into a compact and lightweight 40" L x 7" W x 5" H bag with straps, allowing you to carry the bag to its next location.

Steady Center Support
Sturdy steel base, completely freestanding! Measured 34" tall in the middle, this pickleball net has a strong tension support design, as the fiberglass rod keeps the net in the middle without sagging.


Color: Black & White
Size: 34'' × 22''


What's in the box?
Pickleball Net System (net with frame) x 1
Carrying Bag x 1
Instruction Manual x 1


Why choose Niupipo?
The Niupipo pickleball paddle has been chosen by hundreds of players worldwide. Our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques are the most advanced in the pickleball equipment market. All our products have passed the USAPA. Niupipo is one of the most popular pickleball paddle manufacturers in the market for over two decades.