ProKennex Black Ace 285 Tennis Racket

$258.00 SGD $289.00

Prokennex 2020 Black Ace series is focused on striking the perfect balance between power and flexibility while maintaining exceptional feel. The PROKENNEX BLACK ACE 285 TENNIS RACKET is the lightest model in the Black Ace series and yet still offers impressive stability despite its weight even from the baseline. This tennis racquet provides excellent, pinpoint accuracy on full swings, giving players confidence on the tennis court when adding pace and spin to their shots. 

Known for its technology, Prokennex has gone above and beyond yet again with the Black Ace series as well! The Black Ace 285 comes equipped with Kinetic Technology that uses movable mass to increase stability and power. The Kinetic System consists of micro-spheres (Kinetic Mass) contained in capsules which are built into the frame. As the racket moves in preparation for the shot, the Kinetic System stores kinetic energy in the Kinetic Mass. As the frame accelerates, the Kinetic Mass spheres gather on the walls of the capsule on the opposite side to the ball. At the moment of impact, the ball is compressed and the strings flex, causing the micro-spheres to move towards the ball, unleashing additional energy. Immediately after the impact, the microspheres move freely to stabilise themselves, instantaneously rebalancing the frame, and preventing the impact from reaching the player's arm. The Black Ace 285 tennis racket also comes with Prokennex's FlexLogic technology that helps the racquet to bend optimally at impact. The Kinetic Comfort Handle System reduces harsh vibrations for a cleaner feel upon impact. This tennis racket contains Spiral Tech Carbon, a unique blend of Spiral Tech graphite layers and High Modulus graphite that is applied to get the best performance from the frame.

Improving intermediate players will be able to take advantage of Black Ace 285 tennis racquet's easy swing weight and stability to dial in on their accuracy.

  • Head size : 100 in² / 645.16 c
  • Length : 27 in
  • Weight (strung) : 10.6oz / 300g
  • Weight (unstrung) : 10.1oz / 285g
  • Balance (strung) :  32.5cm/6 pts HL
  • Balance (unstrung) : 33.48cm / 3 pts HL
  • Stringing Pattern : 16/19
  • Beam width : 21mm/ 21mm/ 21mm
  • Composition : SpiralTech Graphite
  • Racquet Colours: Yellow/Black
  • Grip Type : Prokennex Synthetic
  • String pattern : 16 Mains/ 19 Crosses
  • String Tension : 50-65 pounds