Prokennex Impact New Badminton racket

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This is a line of badminton rackets manufactured from hard carbon fibers with technology that optimizes the racket frame in the form of aerodynamics. This is a super product for those with average or higher hitting ability.

Review of ProKennex IMPACT NEW CARBON Badminton Racket – IMPACT NEW CARBON is the most elegant model of the PRO KENNEX IMPACT Carbon series. The racket is uniquely designed, beautifully designed, suitable for both men and women with three different colors: green, ocean blue, pink. The pink and purple version gives the user an enchanting feeling, a beauty that you can't find in other rackets.

According to the chart (Chart), this is a racquet that is designed in a balanced way.

According to the opinion of many people, most of the  PRO KENNEX badminton rackets are stiff, but not as stiff as other racquet brands, but have a certain flexibility, so they are quite easy to control and also easy to control. better support for shots (especially smashes).

The IMPACT NEW CARBON badminton racket in green, ocean blue, pink version has a weight of 4U, only 81-85 grams, quite suitable for the hand, not too heavy but, quite well-handled and out of the ball. The shaft is balanced, slim and not too stiff, quite flexible in handling situations.

The racquet is very good and fast, still retains the power assist technology of other lines, so it reacts well and takes less effort.

Balanced racket (balance 285+-3) should give us a comprehensive defense from all sides. You will not be able to ignore this racquet line if you have many years of experience in the world of badminton players, have a good feeling of the shuttlecock.

Outstanding technology applied on the unique tri-color ProKennex Impact New Carbon -4U badminton racket

As one of the cheap super products of ProKennex, the Impact New Carbon -4U badminton racket is also favored with many outstanding technologies.


All three colors of the Impact New Carbon -4U badminton racquet are favored by ProKennexracquets using the advanced and superior TITANIUM AERODYNAMIC RESTITUTION technology. This new technology helps the racquet get the best support during hitting thanks to the titanium in the shaft combined with pure carbon.

Application of dynamic racket frame technology

The famous tennis player from Taiwan has refined the dynamic racket frame shape. This helps the frame to minimize distortion due to wasted energy during the game. At the same time, bring the maximum energy transfer from the player's hand to the sphere.

Pro Kennex tennis player has noted the design of the symmetrical grid system. As a result, players use the Impact New Carbon -4U badminton racket to enhance control of the shuttle and the sweet spot, the sweet spot of the racquet.

Application of reinforced racket frame technology (Engineered Power)

Pro Kennex tennis players are always careful and delicate from the smallest details in the design of the racquet. Top experts have used reinforced frame technology. The entire process is computer-simulated to optimize the transmission dynamics of the racket frame. As a result, the racket frame will better transfer kinetic energy from the player to the ball.


Material, substance:High Modulus Carbon + Titanium

Longs: 673mm

Weight: 4U1/2 (81-85gr)

Balance: Level: 285+-3mm (balanced)

Strength: 24 – 28 lbs (up to 12 kg)

Racket Frame: Isodynamic

Racket Body: Medium Hard

Color: Black Blue

Racquet Style: Balance

Technology: Engineered Power