Prokennex Ki 5 280

$258.00 SGD

The Ki 5 (280g) continues to offer an impressive combination of speed, comfort and precision. At 280 grams unstrung, this version of the Ki 5 is ideal for the intermediate player. Although it lacks the mass of the 300 and 320 grams version, this racket's near even balance gives it impressive stability for its weight class. Comfort is enhanced by the Kinetic Technology, which deploys dynamic mass in the head to reduce the amount of shock that reaches your arm. Other arm-saving technologies include a Comfort Cap, which adds Kinetic technology to the butt cap to attenuate residual vibrations. The Ki 5 also comes with a firm Spiral Tech Carbon layup to create a more stable and powerful response. Like the previous generation, this racket comes around fast on groundstrokes, making it great for whipping up spin. There's also plenty of mass in the head, which comes in handy when defending against higher levels of pace or driving the ball through the court. At net, this racket's offers an impressive combination of speed, stability and touch. It also shines on serve where there is enough precision to swing for power. Intermediate players looking for an arm-friendly racket with controllable power and great all-round playability should give this one a serious look.