ProKennex Ki 5 300

$258.00 SGD

The Ki 5 (300g) is ideal for intermediate and advanced players. Offering a great balance between speed and stability, the Ki 5 feels crisp, lively and accurate. Comfort is enhanced by the Kinetic Technology, which deploys dynamic mass in the head to reduce the amount of shock that reaches your arm. Other arm-saving technologies include a Comfort Cap, which adds Kinetic technology to the butt cap to attenuate residual vibrations. The Ki 5 also comes with a firm Spiral Tech Carbon layup to create a more stable and powerful response. From the baseline the Ki 5 (300g) feels solid, crisp and precise. It also delivers effective power on full cuts. Although not as fast as the 260 and 280 grams versions, this racket's head light balance gives it good all-court mobility, and it has has enough spin-potential to bring the ball down effectively. At net the Ki 5 (300g) has good touch, and it comes around with decent speed to offer impressive stability for the weight. Aggressive servers who can swing this racket fast will find enough spin and precision to paint the corners with pace. All in all, the Ki 5 (300g) is a solid choice for intermediate and advanced players who want a versatile all-court racquet with a small learning curve.