Prokennex KI Q 15 310

$208.00 SGD

The ProKennex KI Q 15 (310g) tennis racket utilizes the latest technologies and is made especially for tournament play. It has an open string pattern (16x19) to generate more spin and weighs 310g unstrung. The racket is head light balanced to ensure excellent maneuverability and enable better reaction shots while the high modulus graphite frame provides more stiffness and durability. The racket is 27.5" (698.5mm) long and has a 105 in2 (677cm2) head size.


  • Head Size: 105 sq inches
  • Frame Weight: 310 g
  • Balance: 325 mm
  • Beam Width: 27 mm
  • Length: 27.5 inches / 69.8 cm
  • String Pattern: 16 mains x 19 crosses
  • Material: High modulus graphite
  • Recommended Tension: 50-65 lbs




KINETIC SYSTEM As the racket swings forward, tiny elements of kinetic mass, housed in dozens of chambers around the racket head, move to the back wall of the frame, loading energy. Forces are now in place to set off a scientifically calculated Kinetic reaction. AREA OF EFFICIENCY When the racket strikes the ball, this kinetic mass transfers forward, releasing their stored energy to the racket. This new momentum stabilizes the entire hitting surface, increases the area of efficiency of the hitting surface and magnifies the possibilities of a good shot. Your shot is more precise even if you hit the ball off-center. ACTIVE DAMPING SYSTEM You know your arm feels after you’ve hit the ball? That ripples of vibration? The Kinetic System virtually eliminates this sensation. Once the ball leaves the strings, the tiny elements of kinetic mass actively damp this now-useless energy. This vibration is absorbed as it attempts to work its way through layers of active kinetic mass. The vibration energy is efficiently quieted. You’ll notice a huge reduction in wear and tear on your body and an increase in the efficiency as a player.



Spiral Tech Carbon: A unique space age blend of treated Spiral Tech Graphite and High Modulus Graphite, combined with Nano Epoxy to maximize the benefits of the racket. It removes air and impurities from between the carbon layers to create a totally seamless graphite increases stability and strength. The technology creates rackets with ultimate power, feel and control, offering exceptional dampening qualities and maximizing playability. Spiral Graphite: Exceptional dampening qualities maximizes playability. High Modulus Graphite: Delivers the needed strength and power.