ProKennex Momentum CB Squash Racket

$159.00 SGD $175.00

The PROKENNEX MOMENTUM CB squash racquet brings onboard Prokennex's most popular Kinetic technology to the brand's squash line. Kinetic technology has proven to be a priceless game-changing addition to their tennis and badminton lines, maximising arm-friendliness without compromising on power and feel. 

The Momentum CB squash racket also features a tear drop shaped head that enhances power, while the Kinetic technology in the racket's handle provides a counter balance during gameplay that helps to dampen vibration.

This squash racket's 14 x 18 string pattern provides added control while maintaining easy power.

Recommended for squash players who are looking for a powerful racket that is still comfortable to use and provides control to their game. 

Comes strung.


Racket Specifications:

 Headsize: 75in²
Weight: 125g
Balance: Head light
String Pattern 14 x 18