ProKennex Power Pro 705 Badminton Racket (Red) (Freshly Strung)

$78.00 SGD

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  • Free Standard String (Indicate your preferred tension at checkout. Top up required for other strings, please contact us directly for more information.)
  • Free Whipper Overgrip
  • Comes with Racket Cover

Increase your level of play with the ProKennex Power Pro range of badminton rackets, featuring recent innovations in design.

The ProKennex Power Pro 705 racquet focuses on maneuverability and lightness for a wide range of players, and represents the perfect balance between control and power.

Its medium flexibility allows fast swings for powerful shots, while its great maneuverability and versatility means you can quickly adjust your game mode from defensive to attacking as needed. The frame has been refined for better air penetration and faster swings.

With its neutral balance (290 mm) and medium shaft, this ProKennex badminton racket is ideal for players looking for maneuverability, versatility and extra power.

The racket is designed with attractive colors harmoniously arranged to create a simple yet modern racket.

This ProKennex Power Pro 705 racket breathes new life into the range with this truly perfect design. A pure gem that's sure to get you through the match!


Isodynamic Weighted Frame System
Pro Kennex has refined the dynamic shape of the racquet frame to reduce frame distortion due to wasted energy, offering the highest energy transfer from the player's hand to the shuttlecock.

Titanium Aerodynamic Restitution
Titanium aerodynamic recovery technology.

Weight(g): 83g
Balance: 290 (+/- 5mm)
Flex: Flexible
Max Tension: 28lbs
Shaft Material: Hi Modulus Carbon + Titanium
Frame Composition: HM Carbon + Titanium
Type of Racquet Head: Isometric