Prokennex Power Pro 707 Badminton Racket

$90.00 SGD

Pro Kennex Power Pro 707 badminton racket with brilliant yellow color is a mid-priced racket that is researched and manufactured by the brand from Taiwan- Pro Kennex . This brand has been operating in the field of manufacturing badminton rackets with more than 50 years of experience.

Pro Kennex Power Pro 707 gold is designed to be a head heavy racquet. Product hardness is medium, weight is moderate. This is a cheap product that is compatible with the majority of badminton players in Vietnam. The Power Pro 707 is a full-fledged attack racket with the ability to create powerful attack power. Players who use this style of play should consider their options.

With the super material Titanium, the strength and heat resistance of Power Pro 707 is very significant. At the same time, the medium-hard racquet body and the maximum tension of the racquet of 11 kg allow maximum concentration of the player's hand impact on the shuttlecock, sending the shuttlecock fast and strong with high penetration from which to attack more effectively. .

Pro Kennex Power Pro 707 has used brilliant yellow as the main color for this super product. This color makes a strong impression on the players by the dotted black motifs, which stand out on the fresh yellow background. With a cheap price compared to the market, durable quality, modern design, Power Pro 707 - Gold is a natural racquet that those who follow a strong style should try and own.

The POWER PRO 707 badminton racket weighs only 81-85 grams for the 4U1 series and 86-90 grams for the 3U1 series, the body is slim and flexible, the frame is very flexible in the handling situations. fast demand.

The racquet is very good and fast, still retains the assist technology of other intermediate racquets, so it reacts well and takes less effort.

The head-heavy racket design (290 +/- 5mm balance point) helps you hit the shuttle with more force.

If you are a relatively good player and are prone to speed and attack, this is definitely a racquet line that is very interesting and hard to ignore.

This is a popular line of racquets with excellent quality. Warranty 6 months 1 to 1 exchange if manufacturer's fault. Genuine ProKennex Power Pro 707 badminton racket fully guaranteed.

ProKennex Vietnam is the exclusive distributor of genuine ProKennex products in Vietnam. All products are imported directly from ProKennex International. ProKennex distribution system is available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Coming to ProKennex Vietnam, you will be assured of our product quality and service regime.

Outstanding technology of ProKennex Power Pro badminton racket 707 – 4U – Yellow

Blade-shaped frame: This time, the Power Pro 707 – 4U – Gold badminton racket is designed by the Taiwanese racket with a thinner frame. This design helps the product reduce wind resistance. At the same time, the product also helps to quickly escape the wind.

ISODYNAMIC: Taiwanese tennis player Pro Kennex has refined the dynamic racket frame shape