ProKennex Viper 47 Speed Badminton Racket (Unstrung)

$98.00 SGD

A high-end carbon racquet with a perfect balance between attack and speed.

The latest addition to the ProKennex range, the ProKennex Viper 47 Speed will quickly become an essential! The semi-flexible shaft combined with a slightly head-heavy or neutral balance will provide excellent feel and precision, along with powerful groundstrokes. This racquet is sure to please many with its attractive design.

The semi-flexible shaft offers optimal support for both offensive and defensive shots. The perfect balance of the slightly head-heavy shaft makes it easy to handle and fun to use.

The 40T carbon fibre design in the shaft increases power and it allows for better kinetic energy transfer between the handle and the frame.

The diamond shape (Diamond Aero Blade) helps the racquet to effectively penetrate through the air in order to offer more whip speed and to surprise the opponent on both offense and defense.

A versatile racquet that is perfect for players who primarily seek an excellent balance between speed and attack.

The 76 eyelet frame allows you to string up to 30 lbs or 13.5 kg.


  • HM Graphene Hybrid
    Hybrid material combining high quality carbon fibre.

  • Diamond Aero Blade
    The diamond shape of the frame splits the air to increase swing speed and to surprise the opponent both when attacking and defending.

  • Nano Autocure
    The only autoclave process in the world used in racquet sports technology. This technology eliminates air and impurities in the carbon during the creation of badminton racket frames, ensuring a denser graphite for more power and flexibility.

Type of Player: Offensive / Versatile, Versatile
Weight (g): 84
Stiffness: Semi-flexible
Balance: Head Heavy
Balance (in mm): 293
Shaft Material: 40T High Modulus Graphite
Frame Composition: 30T High Modulus Graphite
Type of Racquet Head: Isometric
Stringing: Unstrung
Cover: Yes