Slazenger Tennis Balls (Bundle of 3 Cans)

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The Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Ball has been used on the grass courts of the All England Club since 1902 and remains the official ball of Wimbledon.

Slazenger has created the world's ultimate performance tennis ball with several key technologies.

Tour Core has been engineered to deliver consistent performance characteristics demanded by the most prestigious players at Wimbledon. The premium woven cloth is specifically designed for championship play, using the finest wool to achieve a tighter weave. These fine qualities result in increased durability and also responsiveness.

The Ultra Vis dye and patented application process creates a ball that has optimum visibility for both players and spectators.

Hydro Guard also uses patented technology which creates a cloth repellent to 70% more water than any other standard ball. This further innovation ensures the Slazenger Wimbledon ball remains the ultimate performance ball in the world.

The Slazenger Wimbledon ball is ITF approved.