Tourna Tuff 10 Over Grip XL Travel Pouch (10 Pack) - Dry Feel

$29.80 SGD

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The TOURNA TUFF 10 GRIP XL TRAVEL POUCH is a handy travel pouch that contains 10 Tourna Tuff grips, size XL. It is ideal for tennis, squash and badminton players looking for a more durable Tourna Grip. It has the same unmistakable look, same feel and same legendary performance as the Tourna Tuff that has been 6 years in development.

Why choose Tourna’s travel pack of Tuff 10 Grip XL?

The Tuff grip is just like original Tourna Grip as it absorbs up to 350% of its initial weight and becomes tacky when wet. Tourna has years of experience as leading racket sports accessory specialists and our products are perfect for amateurs and champions alike!