Wowlly Excel Pickleball Paddle (Blue & Green)

$125.00 SGD

WOWLLY EXCEL series pickleball paddles boast a DURATECH GFRP textured surface, providing exceptional durability, spin, and power, ensuring players excel on the court.

SX5 Core for Better Control:
Built with the SX5 core, incorporating PPG honeycomb, which is 2.3mm thicker than SX3 core, WOWLLY's glass fiber reinforced polymer pickleball paddles offer improved impact distribution for enhanced control during gameplay, also more forgiving for beginner and intermediate players.

Enhanced Performance with Extended Reach:
Our pickleball paddles feature an elongated design for aggressive play, and an extended 5.5" grip length accommodates single or double backhand shots. The well-balanced 240mm design prevents fatigue and lowers the risk of tennis elbow, making them a versatile choice for all players.

Custom Color Edge Guards:
Custom color protective edge guards not only add a sharp and fashionable look to the paddle but also protect it during intense play.

USA Pickleball Approved:
All wowlly pickleball paddles are USA Pickleball Approved, meeting the requirements for official tournament play, ensuring both performance and compliance with the sport's standards.

Trendy and Colorful Design:
With a variety of stylish and colorful designs curated by fashion experts, our paddles not only perform well but also look good on the court.
Enhanced Playing Performance: Designed for beginner to intermediate players, the wowlly EXCEL series paddles feature an elongated design for extended reach and aggressive play, helping players progress to higher skill levels.


Weight: 8.0oz
Length: 16.5in
Width: 7.2in
Thickness: 16mm
Balance: 240mm
Player Level: Suitable for all players.