Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z 2023 Badminton Racket (Unstrung)

$284.00 SGD

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Designed for advanced badminton players, the YONEX NANOFLARE 1000 Z BADMINTON RACKET is specially made for additional shot and swing speed with agility. The Wide Profile Frame, paired with the Sonic Flare System, generates high repulsion on impact while reducing air resistance at the same time!

The Nanoflare badminton series is characterised by its head-light construct, where head light badminton frames are known for their speed and manoeuvrability. 

The Nanoflare 1000 Z has the fastest smash ever in Yonex badminton history, and comes with instant shuttle acceleration thanks to its new frame shape and enhanced swing speed. 

This badminton racket is also equipped with the new built-in t-joint, and is 10mm longer in length.

  • M40X-A next-generation highly strong, yet elastic carbon fiber developed by Toray Industries, Inc.
  • EX-HMG-Provides sharper power for all your shots
  • SPEED- ASSIST BUMPER-The SPEED-ASSIST BUMPER is a connected grommet containing highly rigid material that is resistant to warping. They are attached to the lower part of the frame to reduce frame warp and improve repulsion performance.
Aero Frame, Compact Frame, Energy Boost Cap, Isometric, Nanometric DR, New Built In T-Joint, Solid Feel Core, Sonic Flare System, Super Slim long Shaft, Ultra PEF

Racket Specifications:
  • Weight/Grip:  4u (avg. 83g) g5 | 3u (avg. 88g) g5
  • Recommended String Tension: 4U (20 - 28 lbs), 3U (21 - 29 lbs)
  • Shaft: HM Graphite/ Ultra PE Fiber
  • Flex: Extra stiff
  • Frame:  HM Graphite, NANOMETRIC DR, M40X, EX-HYPER MG
  • Joint: NEW Built-in T-Joint
  • Length: 10mm longer
  • Level: Intermediate - advanced
  • Balance: Head light
  • Colour: Lightning yellow

Comes unstrung with a full cover.